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Amplify Turf is an online hub for you and your grounds team, which provides free access to exclusive content ...

Exteris Stressgard Turf Fungicide by Bayer Fungicide

Exteris Stressgard Turf Fungicide

Suspension Concentrate

Exteris Stressgard is a next-generation turf fungicide...

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Tempo 1L Insecticide Insecticide

Tempo 1L Insecticide

Suspension Concentrate

Tempo is a fast-acting, knock-down, broad-spectrum...

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Turf Learning
Bayer Turf Academy
We have created a variety of courses to help make your job easier. Update your skills and increase your knowledge on everything from weed identification to how to use chemical spill kits. Each course should take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete – and when you pass the short test at the end you will receive a certificate of accreditation.