Cairns Golf Club Specticle® Trial Update

Tim Hoskinson, Course Superintendent at Cairns Golf Club, has provided an update of the Specticle® trial conducted to control crows foot infestations on the greens.

The 2nd green surrounds at the Cairns Golf Club were a troublesome area in terms of crows foot pressure. Since starting the trial in October 2019, the green has little to no weed in it, which is a huge improvement. Tim says,

“Specticle® has made a huge difference for us on green surrounds and we have spent little to no time spot treating weeds in the surrounds this year. It has also reduced the amount of seed travelling onto the putting surfaces, thereby reducing the amount of labour we spend dabbing weeds on greens.”

The driving range at Cairns Golf Club is the highest-pressure area, with a high crows foot germination. There is a Specticle® treatment programmed for the tees, other green surrounds and driving range in September 2020.

Cairns Golf Club – excellent results on the 2nd green surrounds.

Here is the first update of the Specticle® trial update at Cairns Golf Club.

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