Welcome to the Bayer Turf Academy

We have created a variety of courses to help make your job easier. Update your skills and increase your knowledge on everything from weed identification to how to use chemical spill kits. Each course should take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete – and when you pass the short test at the end you will receive a certificate of accreditation.

New course

Grass ID courseHerbicide resistance management
Concerned about herbicide resistance? This course covers everything you need to know about how herbicide resistance develops and best management practices for dealing with it.


Controlling turf diseaseControlling turf disease
We are pleased to announce our new Bayer Interface® course – Controlling turf disease – is now live. As well as helpful practical information, you will get exclusive access to view our product development trials as part of the course.


Winter grassWinter grass (Poa annua)
Is winter grass the bane of your life? You’re not alone! Winter grass is the most problematic weed for many grounds teams in Australia. Learn more about winter grass and how to manage it better – with peak spring flowering approaching.

Broadleaf weeds

Level: 1

A look at categories of weeds, their life cycle and how to identify the more common broadleaf weeds found on Australian golf courses and sports fields.

Controlling turf disease

Level: 1

This Interface® StressGard course – Controlling turf disease – has exclusive access to view our product development trials as part of the course.

Grass ID course

Level: 1

This course aims to develop the your skills, knowledge and understanding of how to identify grasses. This comprehensive course starts with a description of basic grass structures. It follows with recognition of common and important grasses. Throughout the course you will gain an understanding of grass structure and identification, as well as practical in-field identification skills.

Pre-emergent herbicides for turf weeds

Level: 1

Herbicides that can be used for weed management can be divided into two broad groups: post-emergent herbicides (used after the weed has emerged and established); and pre-emergent herbicides (used before the weed has emerged and established). In this course we focus on pre-emergent herbicides. We discuss the stages of weed development and the three main types of weed based on their life cycle, as well as weed seed germination. This will enable you to make informed decisions about when and how to control weeds in turf using pre-emergent herbicides.

Turf patch disease biology and management

Level: 1

Maintaining top quality turf is, as you know, a full-time job for turf managers. Along with insect pests such as the African black beetle (see our course on this pest) turf diseases are major issues for turf managers.

Winter grass (Poa annua)

Level: 1

We take a closer look at winter grass, one of the most problematic weeds for many grounds teams in Australia. Take our course to learn more about winter grass and how best to manage it.