What is the product?

Spearhead® Selective Turf Herbicide is the leading broadleaf weed control option in the turf industry. With no odour and a high level of user and environmental safety, its unique three-way action provides effective, broad and extended weed control. Being the original and proven formulation, Spearhead is the answer to your broadleaf weed issues.

Classification: Post-emergent herbicide
Active ingredients: 20 g/L clopyralid, 15 g/L diflufenican, 300 g/L MCPA
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack size: 10 L

Where is the product used?

All recreational turf situations.
All turf grass species.
(Transient discolouration may occur on kikuyu, carpetgrass and Queensland blue couch.)

What are the key messages?

  1. Reliable, proven, trusted formulation. For a small difference in price versus generics, there’s no point in risking performance.
  2. Multiple modes of action via the inclusion of three active ingredients.
  3. Low odour formulation making it ideal for use in public areas.
  4. Non-dicamba based, making use around treelines much safer.
  5. Excellent safety characteristics across most turf varieties.

Rate and frequency

5 L/ha or 50 mL/100 m2.
Apply in 200–500 L/ha.