What is the product?

Basta® Non-Selective Herbicide is a non-volatile knockdown herbicide with non-selective activity against many annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses. Basta is registered for general weed control in commercial and industrial areas, rights of way and other non-agricultural areas. As Basta is non-translocated and works on contact activity, it is ideal for use in line-marking on sports fields to extend marking performance. Basta represents an alternate mode of action to glyphosate and is a useful option in a resistance management strategy.

Classification: Post-emergent herbicide
Active ingredient: 200 g/L glufosinate
Formulation: Soluble concentrate
Pack size: 5 L, 20 L

Where is the product used?

Commercial and industrial areas.
Rights of way and other non-agricultural areas.
Line marking on sports grounds.

What are the key messages?

  1. Alternate mode of action to glyphosate. Useful in rotating to reduce resistance to glyphosate.
  2. Faster, quicker knockdown than glyphosate.
  3. Only glufosinate formulation on market that has label claims for use in line-marking situations.
  4. Broad-spectrum weed control capabilities of numerous annual and perennial weeds.

Rate and frequency

1–5 L/ha or 500 mL per 100 L of water.
Line-marking: 250–500 mL/100 L of water.
Reapply at six to eight weeks.