What is the product?

SilvaShield® Injectable Tree Insecticide is an environmentally sound injectable insecticide formulation for trees. The unique formulation enhances systemic uptake and efficient distribution of imidacloprid in the tree, allowing much lower rates of active ingredient compared to alternative application methods such as soil injection. A single treatment can provide extended protection against various insect pests with minimal impact on non-target organisms.

Classification: Residual insecticide
Active ingredient: 200 g/L imidacloprid
Formulation: Soluble liquid
Pack size: 1 L

Where is the product used?

Trunk injection of a range of tree species for various insect pests.
Tree species include eucalypt trees, fig trees, London plane trees, elm trees and pandanus palms.

What are the key messages?

  1. Most efficient form of uptake and distribution of imidacloprid for tree management due to unique formulation technology.
  2. Minimal impact of non-target organisms.
  3. Extended residual activity within plant.

Rate and frequency

3–5 mL product per 10 cm diameter at breast height.
Pandanus: 3.5 mL per hole.