What is the product?

Initiator® Systemic Plant Insecticide plus Fertiliser tablets provide enhanced growth and long-lasting protection against the damage caused by various insects that attack containerised newly-planted and established plants. The tablets are designed to be placed in the soil adjacent to plants or in the planting hole during transplanting of seedlings, so that the growing plant can take up the fertiliser and the systemic insecticide.

Classification: Residual insecticide
Active ingredient: 200 g/kg imidacloprid, NPK: 5.6 - 5.4 - 4.2 + Mg
Formulation: Tablet
Pack size: 750 g, 3 kg

Where is the product used?

Eucalyptus trees, roses, azaleas, lillypillys, potted palms and magnolias.
For protection against insect damage and to provide enhanced plant growth.

What are the key messages?

  1. Long-term residual insecticide and fertiliser combination ideal for protecting the plant during the establishment phase.
  2. Easy to use and apply at planting time.
  3. No spray equipment, high level of safety and use.
  4. Optimal efficiency of the nutrition due to the tablet technology.
  5. Registered for the control of nine difficult-to-control insect pests.

Rate and frequency

One tablet per metre of plant height.
Eucalypts – one tablet per seedling tree.