What is the product?

Merit® Turf and Ornamental Insecticide is a residual, systemic insecticide for the control of a wide range of insect pests in turf and landscape situations. In turf, Merit is the standard for scarab and billbug control. Being the original and proven formulation, Merit is the answer to your pest problems in turf. In landscape and ornamental plant situations, Merit is unmatched in its spectrum of control, being labelled for 14 difficult insect pest species.

Classification: Residual insecticide
Active ingredient: 200 g/L imidacloprid
Formulation: Suspension concentrate
Pack size: 5 L

Where is the product used?

All recreational turf situations.
A very broad range of ornamental and landscape situations (see label).

What are the key messages?

  1. For the control of a very broad range of insect pests in turf and ornamental situations.
  2. Cost-effective form of insect control.
  3. Residual, systemic activity within the plant, offering season-long control.
  4. Reliable, proven and trusted formulation. For the difference versus the generics, why risk it?

Rate and frequency

Turf: 2.5 L/ha or 25 mL/100 m2. Apply in at least 400 L of water per hectare and irrigate within 24 hours of application.
Ornamentals: 25 mL to 875 mL/100 L of water.