Indemnify Insecticide


Indemnify Nematicide

What is the product?

Indemnify® Turf Nematicide represents a new cornerstone in integrated nematode management programs for turfgrass. Indemnify is a new ground-breaking product; easy-to-use nematicide that controls key plant parasitic nematodes and improves root growth and turfgrass health resulting in better playability with improved wear tolerance. Indemnify contains the active ingredient Fluopyram.

Classification: Knockdown and Residual insecticide
Active ingredient: 400 g/L Fluopryam
Formulation: Suspension concentrate
Pack size: 500 mL, 1 L

Where is the product used?

  • Turf
  • Golf
  • Sportsfield

What are the key messages?

  1. New mode of action delivering fast, effective, long term control of plant parasitic nematodes.
  2. Advanced formulation technology with soil penetrating surfactants.
  3. Not a scheduled poison and minimal PPE requirement for application.
  4. White to beige suspension concentrate (SC) formulation with low use rate.
  5. Easier to get active ingredient to the target root zone without the need for invasive practices or heavy irrigation/rainfall.
  6. Easy to mix and store. Sprays clear and is non-staining.
  7. Improved root growth and turf health.

Rate and frequency

625 mL/ha Apply in 400 - 800 L water/ha.
Use this product as part of an integrated nematode management program for turfgrass. Apply as a preventative treatment when conditions are favourable for root growth. Reapply as needed after 28 days when nematode pressure is high. Irrigate with sufficient water as soon as possible after application to wash the product into the root zone. Apply a maximum of 1.25 L/ha per year. Do not apply more than the maximum annual rate from any combination of products containing Fluopyram.