What is the product?

Ficam® W Insecticide is an odourless, residual insecticide registered for the control of African black beetle in golf greens, bowling greens and playing fields.

Classification: Knockdown insecticide
Active ingredient: 800 g/kg bendiocarb
Formulation: Wettable powder
Pack size: 150 g

Where is the product used?

Turf: Golf greens and fairways, bowling greens and playing fields.
(Not registered in Tasmania.)

What are the key messages?

  1. Both adulticide and larvaecide on African black beetle.
  2. Fast knockdown.
  3. Potential side benefit or negative feature – will impact on earthworm populations in soil profile.

Rate and frequency

Turf: 1.3–1.8 kg/ha or 13–18 g/100 m2.
Water volume: minimum 10 L/100 m2. Use higher rate on sandy soils or in areas of heavy infestation.