What is the product?

Signature™ StressGard® Systemic Fungicide is the standard for pythium management in turf. Providing outstanding residual performance on pythium, and with the addition of StressGard® Technology to improve turf quality, why risk using anything else during your key stress periods? Chipco Signature is a true systemic fungicide providing optimal movement and protection throughout the plant.

Classification Preventative fungicide
Active ingredient: 800 g/kg fosetyl-Al + StressGard® Technology

Formulation: Water dispersible granule (WDG)
Pack size: 2.5 kg

Where is the product used?

All recreational turf situations where pythium disease control is required.
Ornamental plant situations for controlling crown and root rot.

What are the key messages?

  1. Excellent residual performance on pythium in turf. The base product in a program in the key summer months.
  2. Reliable, proven, trusted and registered formulation for pythium diseases.
  3. StressGard® formulation for improved turf quality and product performance.
  4. Easy-to-use – can be left on the leaf or irrigated in due to true systemic activity.
  5. Strong disease control without the plant regulation characteristics of propiconazole formulations.

Rate and frequency

12.5 kg/ha or 125 mL/100 m2.
Repeat applications at 21–28 day intervals.