What is the product?

Exteris Stressgard® is a next-generation fungicide containing a unique combination of two active ingredients, and two proprietary formulation technologies, delivering preventative and fast curative control of a broad spectrum of damaging turf diseases as well as improved plant health and turf quality. The unique formulation of Exteris Stressgard delivers a highly flexible product that turf managers can apply with confidence throughout the year and under a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Classification: Curative and preventative fungicide
Active ingredients: fluopyram (SDHI) + trifloxystrobin (QoI)
Formulation: Suspension Concentrate
Pack size: 5 L

Where is the product used?

All recreational turf situations where curative and extended residual disease protection is required.

What are the key messages?

  1. An excellent tool to use as part of a fungicide rotation program to help manage the risks of resistance development, particularly in high risk diseases such as dollar spot
  2. A new SDHI fungicide from a unique chemical group combined with a proven QoI partner
  3. Turf-specific formulation provides improved leaf coverage, fast knockdown of diseases, and enhanced turf quality.

Rate and frequency

5 L