What is the product?

Dedicate® Turf Fungicide is a premium, highly effective turf fungicide, providing a unique mode of action and featuring both contact and systemic activity to provide the ultimate protection for your turf sward. Dedicate is long-lasting and has few limitations on when it can be used in your fungicide program. When it comes to protection of a broad range of diseases, Dedicate is a must in any program. Dedicate is strong on ERI and patch diseases, as well as offering useful control over a range of foliar pathogens.

Classification: Curative and preventative fungicide
Active ingredients: 200 g/L tebuconazole, 100 g/L trifloxystrobin
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack size: 1 L

Where is the product used?

All recreational turf situations where curative and extended residual disease protection is required.

What are the key messages?

  1. Contains both contact and systemic activity to control diseases at any stage of infection and to fully protect the plant inside and out.
  2. Multiple modes of action – Groups 3 and 11 – to limit resistance issues.
  3. Registered for the control of nine turfgrass diseases, including difficult secondary diseases such as leptosphaerulina and curvularia, where limited options are available.
  4. Proven strength in ERI disease management.
  5. Strong disease control without the plant regulation characteristics of propiconazole formulations.

Rate and frequency

2–3 L/ha or 20–30 mL/100 m2.
Repeat applications at 14–21 day intervals for curative activity.
Repeat at 21–28 day intervals for preventative activity.