Winter fusarium solutions


The problem

Winter fusarium (Microdochium nivale) can be a tough problem on cool-season turf from autumn  through to early summer. This disease is also known as ‘microdochium patch’ and the same fungus causes a disease called ‘pink snow mould’ in the US.

What to look for

Symptoms start off as small water-soaked spots on turf that expand and turn grey or tan with a red-brown or dark, greasy-appearing margin. Fluffy white mycelia can be observed at the edge of the patches and often dead tissue is covered by pink spore masses.

Wet conditions during maximum daytime temperatures of 7–20°C favour this disease and explosive outbreaks can occur when daytime temperatures are in the low to high 15–20°C with overcast, foggy or wet weather. It is most common on cool-season turf, especially wintergrass, but can occasionally occur even on warm-season turf such as couch. This disease is favoured in shaded or poorly-drained locations and excessive nitrogen fertility conditions.

The solution

Interface® Stressgard and Dedicate® Turf Fungicide are the premier solutions for winter fusarium with excellent preventive and curative activity. Interface® Stressgard contains two fungicidal modes of action to provide rapid knockdown and extended residual control. Stressgard® Formulation Technology enhances turf quality and mitigates stress under cool and low-light conditions when winter fusarium is most active.

Apply Interface® Stressgard at 12.5 litres per hectare as a preventive or early curative treatment. Apply Dedicate at 2 litres per hectare as a preventive or early curative treatment. Chipco GT is also very effective for winter fusarium control. Rotate applications of Dedicate and Interface Stressgard or Chipco GT when multiple applications are used in the season for winter fusarium control to prevent resistance development.

Images courtesy of Mike Hirvela, Bayer CropScience.

Technical Information

Solution1 RATE Application Interval
Interface® Stressgard 12.5 L/ha 14–21 days for curative control
21–28 for preventative control
Dedicate® 2 L/ha 14–21 days for curative control
21–28 days for preventative control
Chipco® GT 20 L/ha 7–14 days for curative control
Monthly for preventative control

1. Always read and follow label instructions carefully.

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