// Early season control of key diseases and insect pests pays long-term dividends for management of turf through summer.

Whilst disease pressure may not peak until the summer months, spring provides an excellent window of opportunity to knockdown numbers of pests and disease inoculum in order to reduce or delay population build-up and pressure in the summer. The Bayer ‘Kick-start your Spring’ promotion for 2020 provides an opportunity for turf managers to adopt three proven and highly effective Bayer solutions for targeted spring pest and disease management applications.

// Banol® 1 L

Early season knockdown of Pythium.

Long lasting protection of turf prior to and following renovation.

Offer: Buy 6 x 1 L and receive 1 L free of charge

// Dedicate® 1 L

Warm-season turf: Spring preventative root disease applications e.g. ERI. Able to be tank-mixed with Banol for Pythium knockdown.

Cool-season turf: Spring applications are highly effective on diseases such as dollar spot and anthracnose that become active in early spring but typically don’t appear until summer.

Offer: Buy 3 x 1 L and receive 1 L free of charge

// Tempo® Xtra 5 L

Rapid control of adult stem weevil, billbug and scarabs to minimize spring egg laying.

Can be tank-mixed with Merit® for effective control of billbug and scarab larvae. Cost effective broad-spectrum control with dual mode of action.

Offer: Buy 2 x 5 L Tempo Xtra and receive 1 x 5 L Merit free of charge

Download your Spring promotion here

Terms and conditions:
Promotion applies to orders only in the period 1st September 2020 to 9th October 2020 inclusive

  • Product must be delivered before 16th October 2020 to qualify
  • Maximum of 4 promotion reconciliations per product per customer in the promotional period
  • Each individual promotional order to be a single transaction/delivery
  • Only available through Bayer-appointed turf agents and sub-agents