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Efficacy of Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide

1 December 2021 by: Bayer Turf Management

Efficacy of Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide used for post-emergence crowsfoot grass control is affected by environmental conditions at application. Recent research from the University of Tennessee...

Tags:   Crowsfoot   turf weeds   Crowsfoot control

Chipco Signature from Bayer

1 July 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

A potential Shade Management tool for Turf A field trial conducted by Karl Danneberger initiated in May 2009, investigated turf quality in heavily shaded conditions following treatment with Chipco...

Tags:   Chipco Signature   leaf cells   turf quality

Rust Disease Activity in NSW and QLD

9 June 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

Rust has been detected on warm season grasses in both NSW and QLD in recent weeks. Rust is generally a disease of high cut turf situations, with outbreaks most common in oversown Racetracks,...

Tags:   crown rust   perennial ryegrass   Rust   stem rust

Winter Fusarium Control this Season. Bayer has the Solutions for You!

31 March 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

The Pathogen Winter Fusarium or Fusarium Patch is caused by Microdochium nivale . This pathogen is common and particularly damaging on all cool season turf species in Australia. The pathogen has al...

Tags:   Interface   Dedicate   Turf species   Winter Fusarium

Ronstar Herbicide…

16 March 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

A safe rotational option for pre emergent weed control this autumn. Ronstar is a Selective, pre-emergent herbicide for control of many annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in warm season turf and...

Tags:   Crowsfoot   Summergrass   Ronstar   weed management   Wintergrass

Tribute + Destiny = A synergistic combination to enhance weed control in turf

16 February 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

The combination of Tribute + Destiny in a tank mix has been used by a number of end users in recent seasons. The results of the combination have been fantastic. Below are some pictures of some...

Tags:   Tribute   Destiny

Pre-emergent herbicides

19 December 2014 by: Bayer Turf Management

Recently we had the opportunity to spend a few days with Patrick E McCullough PhD from the University of Georgia in the US. Our main aim was to investigate the similarities of weed, pest and diseas...


Sunscreen for Turf in Summer

11 November 2014 by: Bayer Turf Management

Stressgard technology is an advanced turf specific formulation, refined over 15 years, that essentially acts like a sunscreen on turf in hot conditions, reducing the impact of harmuful ultraviolet...

Tags:   photosynthesis   Interface   Stressgard