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Chipco Signature from Bayer

1 July 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

A potential Shade Management tool for Turf A field trial conducted by Karl Danneberger initiated in May 2009, investigated turf quality in heavily shaded conditions following treatment with Chipco...

Tags:   Chipco Signature   leaf cells   turf quality

Rust Disease Activity in NSW and QLD

9 June 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

Rust has been detected on warm season grasses in both NSW and QLD in recent weeks. Rust is generally a disease of high cut turf situations, with outbreaks most common in oversown Racetracks,...

Tags:   crown rust   perennial ryegrass   Rust   stem rust

Winter Fusarium Control this Season. Bayer has the Solutions for You!

31 March 2015 by: Bayer Turf Management

The Pathogen Winter Fusarium or Fusarium Patch is caused by Microdochium nivale . This pathogen is common and particularly damaging on all cool season turf species in Australia. The pathogen has al...

Tags:   Interface   Dedicate   Turf species   Winter Fusarium