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Ground Pearls

3 June 2020 by: Jyri Kaapro

Jyri inspects kikuyu sports field and reveals ground pearls. MAIN MENU | PREVIOUS POST

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Fungicide properties

19 March 2020 by: Jyri Kaapro

The current weather conditions have raised questions on the amount of irrigation to apply to wash in fungicides when soils are already at elevated moisture content. The physical and chemical...

Tags:   Fungicide Properties

How to open Bayer product bottles

6 February 2020 by: Jyri Kaapro

Jyri Kaapro demonstrates how to use the lid to open foil seal on selected Bayer products. MAIN MENU | PREVIOUS POST

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Glyphosate – Facts

8 August 2019 by: Jyri Kaapro

Get all the facts on glyphosate from this Crop Life download or go to croplife.org.au/glyphosate Download the facts on glyphosate MAIN MENU | PREVIOUS POST

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Autumn Weed control

15 April 2019 by: Jyri Kaapro

Jyri discusses this autumn weed program for Kikuyu and paspalum on this cricket wicket. Send an e-mail or photograph to jyri.kaapro@bayer.com if you have any experiences of turf with either of thes...

Tags:   Cricket wicket weed control