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Tips for Managing Fungicide Resistance in Turf

25 January 2022 by: Jyri Kaapro

Fungicide resistance causes a once effective fungicide to no longer provide adequate control of a particular disease. Preventing or delaying resistance should be a primary objective for all turf...

Tags:   fungicide   dollar spot control   Fungicide Resistance

Poa annua control update and Specticle® Herbicide application

10 January 2022 by: Jyri Kaapro

Poa annua  is a difficult to control weed in warm season turf for several reasons. There is widespread resistance to many herbicide mode of action groups, perennial biotypes are becoming more commo...

Tags:   Poa annua plants

Efficacy of Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide

1 December 2021 by: Bayer Turf Management

Efficacy of Tribute Selective Turf Herbicide used for post-emergence crowsfoot grass control is affected by environmental conditions at application. Recent research from the University of Tennessee...

Tags:   Crowsfoot   turf weeds   Crowsfoot control

Ground Pearls

3 June 2020 by: Jyri Kaapro

Jyri inspects kikuyu sports field and reveals ground pearls. MAIN MENU | PREVIOUS POST

Tags:   Ground pearls

Fungicide properties

19 March 2020 by: Jyri Kaapro

The current weather conditions have raised questions on the amount of irrigation to apply to wash in fungicides when soils are already at elevated moisture content. The physical and chemical...

Tags:   Fungicide Properties