What is the product?

Specticle® is an innovative herbicide for warm-season turf that sets a new standard for pre-emergent weed control. It provides up to 8 months of pre-emergent control in warm-season grasses. Delivering an exceptional level of protection against Poa annua, Crowsfoot Grass and Summer Grass, and unmatched use flexibility with a wide application window, Specticle is a great choice as the foundation of your herbicide program.

Classification: Pre-emergent herbicide
Active ingredients: 200g/L Indaziflam
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)
Pack size: 1 L

Where is the product used?


Warm season golf grasses only, including; Bahia grass, Buffalo grass, Common Couch, Hybrid Couch, Queensland Blue Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia.

What are the key messages?

  1. Superior turf quality and playability – Specticle sets a new standard of control of Poa annua, Crowsfoot Grass and Summer Grass in warm-season turf.
  2. Less worry about weeds breaking through late in the season due to the long residual – up to 8 months control from a single application.
  3. A wider application window – results in greater flexibility for turf managers to select the most suitable application timing.
  4. A breakthrough tool for resistance management – the only pre-emergent herbicide for turf from MOA group O.
  5. Places up to 40x less active ingredient into the environment than competitor products.
  6. A non-staining and low odour formulation.

Rate and frequency

0.25 mL/ha in 200 to 500 L water per ha.