Key attributes of the Bayer herbicide portfolio

Product Pre- emergent Post- emergent Mode of Action Group Formulation Scheduling Pack size Stable pH range in spray tank water Foliar/root absorbed deal water volume – litres per 100 m2
Destiny® Selective Turf Herbicide   B Water dispersible granule S5 250 g 7–9 Foliar and roots 4–8
Ronstar® Turf and Ornamental Herbicide   G Granule S6 15 kg N/A Foliar N/A
Spearhead® Selective Turf Herbicide   F1 Suspension concentrate S6 10 L 7–8 Foliar and roots 2–8
Specticle® Herbicide   O Soluble concentrate S6

1 L

Roots 2–5
Tribute® Selective Herbicide   B Oil dispersion S5 1 L 7–9 Foliar and roots 4–8
Basta® Non-Selective Herbicide   N Soluble concentrate S5 5 L,
20 L
Foliar 2–6
Tramat® 500 SC J Suspension concentrate S5 5 L Foliar and roots 4–12